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Alicia Zinn


Paul D Zinn, Jr.

My Name is Alicia Zinn and I am a photographer and graphic designer. I have been working as a photographer in a professional capacity since 2008 and as a graphic designer since 2005. As a child I was in advanced art classes and developed a love for the arts. In those classes my talent was encouraged and you could say the arts got into my blood. As an adult although I still love to paint and sculpt, but I grew to love photography as a medium and have learned that with a computer there are almost limitless artistic outlets for those who love to create. It may be a little less hands on but I still love it! In the last year or two as a natural progression of things I began to find myself venturing into social networking and branding. I manage a few Facebook pages and have learned a lot about marketing using social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Instagram & Wordpress.

Paul is My brother and my business partner in a business venture we started together called Zinn Creative Services. If you haven't heard of us you should check us out at: We started working together because we both do way more than photography and needed a place to do that! Paul is one of the best people I know and don't tell him I said this but he is a better photographer than I am especially when it comes to fine art photography. He has a cinematic approach to his photography which is visually captivating. I truly enjoy working with him!