In His Eyes

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In His Eyes

So I started reading my bio the other day because well I hadn't updated it in a while and I got super bored trying to read it. So here is something a little more me and a little less well boring! I am a self-proclaimed nerd which stems from my love of everything from Star Trek and Doctor Who to a love of reading! I am a bit of a Grammar Nazi but ironically I can't spell to save my life! I am a coffee snob but only drink it on rare occasions. I love classic rock and jazz music. Spontaneity is a way of life for me! The things I look forward to most in my life is Falling in love and starting a family! I am hugely active in my church and they really gave me the opportunity to grow in my gift and skills! After growing up with a love of the arts in a family of photographers. I decided to pursue my passion for photography. In 2008 when I founded In His Eyes Photography. Our name is because I am not in this to make my name famous. If you are looking for a photographer I am flexible, affordable and absolutely loves what I do!

My Name is Alicia Zinn and Thank you for Taking some time out of your day and stopping by!